Webinar: Approval for Renovations QLD 21 July 2022

If you missed this webinar, don’t fret, you can access the resources and replay here by searching “Approval for Renovations July 2022″

This webinar is suitable for QLD lot owners, committee members, strata managers and other strata professionals.

Approval for Renovations, or ‘How not to pinch other people’s land’, is a helpful guide for body corporate managers, committee members and lot owners, dealing with proposed lot owner renovations.

Here are just some of the topics discussed during the session:

    • How preparing for a renovation proposal in advance will ensure your first time goes smoother, for everyone


    • Getting into the detail of what is proposed, including understanding the detail you need and the detail you have


    • Is this the renovation of a lot, or does it include common property or even, someone else’s lot?


    • Is it enough to give approval by motion alone, or should you consider a deed?


    • Why statutory easements, including utility infrastructure easements, can be your friend


  • Much more including at least three pieces of “secret sauce lawyer info” and a couple of meanders down related topics such as how to handle requests for installing EV chargers (Hint, Michael has a unique solution for this…)