Article: When the Bandwidth fails to play…

When the Bandwidth fails to play…

If your internet service is not up to the Pandemic, then consider an alternative …

Whether you are stuck at home in self-isolation, or your employer has sent everyone home, odds are your home internet service is copping a pounding.

Of course, these days, most internet services are based on the NBN; which apparently has seen a years’ worth of additional use/users since COVID-19 kicked off.

As a contrarian (a polite translation of what my wife calls me) I don’t want to be in the same (NBN) boat as the rest of SEQ, when we end up in lockdown, or (OMG No!) schools close. Indeed, Telstra is already telling customers they may have to ‘ration’ their internet use…

Fortuitously, I have a solution and its one I wanted to share and recommend; I am getting it as soon as I can be hooked up.

Late last year we took on a new client, Vine Networks Pty Ltd. They are a telecommunications company, who provide both retail and wholesale internet services.

Ho hum and boring you say… until I tell you that they have their own fibre network and it comes into your living room / study and not just to the street.

The NBN, bless its cotton socks, is almost always fibre to the node; which is like having a 6 lane highway to your street, and then a single lane dirt track (old copper) from there into your home.

Vine have developed a number of payment options for Bodies Corporate and they will work with you to tailor a suitable solution.

As a licensed telecommunications carrier, and a ‘utility service provider’ under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997, Vine has all the necessary licences and approvals to install fibre infrastructure into a strata building.

Vine has made the necessary arrangements to enable it to continue to hook up buildings and new customers, during the pandemic.

So, if you fear that your service will not cope, or it is already not coping, give them a call (07 5405 2500) or check them out online at

I have helped Vine deal with, and deliver into, community titles schemes on the Sunshine Coast. They know how to do that that quickly and effectively.

Best wishes and stay safe.