Sunshine Coast Property Development

Property developers face unique challenges. Just as every piece of land is unique, so to is every development.

When choosing your legal advisor, experience is crucial – what work have they done before? Our Legal Practitioner Director Michael Kleinschmidt has helped developers deliver everything from duplexes to dormitories, leasehold island resorts to inner city apartments.

If you are developing land then you are managing risk while working towards your reward. Stratum Legal Pty Ltd can help you manage that risk so that you can get on with the project.

We offer flexible, strategic solutions based on your needs – be it simple, easy to read off the plan contracts, reserving potential future development rights or structuring your next leasehold property development.

While we may sometimes be beaten on price, we won’t be beaten on the value of what we provide to our developers. Why? Because we take the time to find out what is most important to you and then we deliver it.