Article: Guilty Verdict For Property Developer

If a developer wants to change how a community title scheme is progressively developed, in stages, then the developer must give notice to the Body Corporate before applying for the development approvals required. If not, the developer will commit an offence under the Body Corporate and Community Act. On 19 May 2022, a Queensland developer […]

Strata Tip 63 – Concept and design – Minimise the dangers of mixed use

Separate different uses physically, and if possible legally.  In community title schemes opposites do not attract.  The archetypal dispute ridden complex is the one that contains residences plus a restaurant and bar.  Mixed use executed correctly can provide significant advantages both in terms of the marketing and sale of your product and the lived experience […]

Tip 59 – Settlement – Get it together

In advance of settlement you need to get together all of the keys, codes, warranty certificates, product manuals and other paperwork that your buyers are entitled to receive once settlement has taken place.  You will have contractual obligations to deliver this material, usually on settlement.  Sometimes that is handled by your representative (for example the […]