Strata Tip 63 – Records – Records held other than by the body corporate manager

Email is a curse!  Emails between committee members, that never reach the body corporate manager, have been held by Adjudicators to be body corporate records.  Ignorance of their creation is no excuse for the body corporate failing to capture them, or to hand them over on a search.  Conducting discussions by telephone or, better still, […]

Tip 59 – Insurance – Commissions

If a Body Corporate Manager, or caretaking service contractor, is going to receive a commission from the insurer (or a related party) then before the Body Corporate enters into the insurance contract the commission must be disclosed.  If you have received a disclosure, take the time to understand what the commission is for; for example […]

New Solution to Old Parking Problems

Stratum Legal is currently looking for Bodies Corporate experiencing car parking problems. Particularly, owners parking in visitors’ car parking spaces. After recent developments in the law and in light of the failure of by-law based towing schemes, Stratum Legal has developed a new solution. We are looking for Bodies Corporate with obvious and ongoing instances […]