Article: Transferring Management Rights

There’s a tried and tested process for transferring Management rights. Whether you are a buyer or a seller it’s wise to follow that process. Read the Article – Transferring Management Rights

Article: A Recipe for Failure

Making a successful Adjudication Application has just gotten a lot harder. If you lodge an Adjudication Application with the Commissioner, be careful what relief you ask for, and how you ask for it. If you get either of those things wrong, then your Application may be thrown out. Just like baking a cake you have to follow […]

Tip 60 – By-laws – Copy to tenants

Under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 the by-laws of the Community Titles Scheme are both terms of the residential tenancy agreement and they must be given to the tenant by the landlord when the tenant is given the agreement for signing.  Adjudicators have found that a by-law requiring a copy of the […]

Tip 60 – Post Settlement Issues – Post settlement land tax

If your contract was written correctly, then there should have been either no land tax adjustment required at settlement or a minimal adjustment.  The Office of State Revenue is pretty good at updating the database these days and accordingly post settlement land tax problems are now much reduced.  If you get a land tax bill, […]

Tip 60 – Selling – Get draft contracts prepared

It’s better to be optimistic than to lose a buyer because you’re too slow.  In a hot or rising market, even the best solicitors can take a couple of days to prepare your sales contracts.  While the use of offer and acceptance documents is now almost ubiquitous, they are almost always (for good reason) not […]

Article: Better to ask Permission than Forgiveness

It’s an increasingly common, but increasingly disappointing, phenomenon – owners bringing their pets into a Community Titles Scheme before obtaining a Pet Approval. The “conventional wisdom” seems to be that because a Body Corporate can’t refuse a Pet Approval these days (after all by-laws banning pets are void aren’t they?) why not simply bring your […]