Article: The Price of Not Letting GO

Forward bookings belong to the lot owner….trying to hang onto them can cost more than you think. Read more in Article The Price of Not Letting It Go

Strata Tip 63 – Records – Records held other than by the body corporate manager

Email is a curse!  Emails between committee members, that never reach the body corporate manager, have been held by Adjudicators to be body corporate records.  Ignorance of their creation is no excuse for the body corporate failing to capture them, or to hand them over on a search.  Conducting discussions by telephone or, better still, […]

Strata Tip 63 – Concept and design – Minimise the dangers of mixed use

Separate different uses physically, and if possible legally.  In community title schemes opposites do not attract.  The archetypal dispute ridden complex is the one that contains residences plus a restaurant and bar.  Mixed use executed correctly can provide significant advantages both in terms of the marketing and sale of your product and the lived experience […]

Strata Tip 63 – Buying – Verification of financial records

Make sure your accountant sights all of the Form 6’s.  When conducting the verification report process, the buyer’s accountant may attend on site to extract relevant financial information from the seller’s records.  That is an ideal time for the accountant to also sight each one of the POA Form 6’s (letting appointments), to check that […]

Article: Commercial Tenants Rights Upheld

The right of commercial tenants in Queensland to sue their Body Corporate directly has been upheld. Read the Article – Tenants Rights Upheld for more on the recent QCAT decision.