Strata tip #73: Records – Interested person access

When you receive a request for documents or to inspect the body corporate records, typically that request will be made by a committee member or an (allegedly) “interested person”. Committee members have reasonable access to the body corporate records without charge. On the other hand, “interested persons” must apply to the body corporate and they […]

Tip 59 – Getting Ready to Sell – Online unit valuations

Google your complex and particularly your unit number.  Within the first page of the search results will almost always be a service offering to tell you what your unit is worth!  Take the extra step – follow through and see what the estimate of value is.    Whatever is available to you, is also available to […]

Tip 59 – Insurance – Commissions

If a Body Corporate Manager, or caretaking service contractor, is going to receive a commission from the insurer (or a related party) then before the Body Corporate enters into the insurance contract the commission must be disclosed.  If you have received a disclosure, take the time to understand what the commission is for; for example […]

Tip 59 – Settlement – Get it together

In advance of settlement you need to get together all of the keys, codes, warranty certificates, product manuals and other paperwork that your buyers are entitled to receive once settlement has taken place.  You will have contractual obligations to deliver this material, usually on settlement.  Sometimes that is handled by your representative (for example the […]